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Now Is The Time For Aeration And Fertilization In St. Louis

The fall is here which means it is time to make sure that your St. Louis lawn is prepared for the upcoming winter. While lawn care becomes a little less of burden as the weather cools down, it does not mean that things such as aeration and fertilization should be of any less importance. And whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or if you prefer the help of the St. Louis lawn care experts, Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions would like to share some last minute tips to get your lawn and landscape ready for the upcoming winter months.

Aeration is placing holes in the lawn, which help to allow the essential nutrients and water to reach the deeper roots. And with cold weather on it’s way, you want to make sure your lawn has all that it needs before the frost sets in. Aeration is very helpful right now while the days are still proving to be warm and lawns are still looking lush.

Another important fall task is fertilizing trees and shrubs around your property. Often times people think that fertilizing is just something to do when it is hot and dry in the summer but actually a late fall fertilization is a great idea for a couple of reasons. It provides nutrients to keep the lawn as well as the trees and shrubs looking for vibrant through the winter and then also when the spring finally melts away the frost. Also, plants and the grass will take root better, which is a great preparation for the cold weather.

Clearly, St. Louis lawn care in the fall is just as important as it is in the summer. So while the weather is still nice, make sure that your property receives all that it needs to stay healthy through the winter. But don’t worry; if you are not into do-it-yourself lawn care projects, then the team at Rottler is ready to help! Our lawn care services include aeration as well as fertilization so that you can be sure your lawn has all that it needs this fall as well as throughout the entire year! To learn more and to get started with one of Rottler’s lawn care programs or to find out more about our St. Louis pest control services, please contact us today.

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