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Nothing Can Ruin Your Fenton Lawn Quicker Than Moles


Is making your Fenton lawn beautiful high on your priority list? Is your gorgeous yard your pride and joy? If so, we are sure you have put a lot of work, or shelled out some hard-earned money, into making it look just right. And now, if you are seeing dry, dead spots where luscious green grass should be, and there are areas riddled with ugly raised tunnels--there can be only one culprit. Moles.

These furry creatures are only 5-7 inches in length but they can cause severe damage to your lawn in no time at all. Moles can dig up to 12 to 15 feet of tunnels per hour, which means they can ruin a lawn in a single night.

The most recognizable damage moles cause is their raised tunnels throughout your yard. While searching for grubs, a mole's favorite source of food, it will dig a maze of tunnels underneath the soil. Mole tunnels are usually 8 to 12 inches below the ground, but temporary tunnels will be right below the surface. These tunnels often look like lighting bolts splayed across the ground, and areas with tunnels will be soft and spongy underfoot. Another issue moles cause is the volcano-shaped mounds they leave when burrowing into the ground. When moles dig below slabs or concrete foundations, the tunnels can provide a way for water to accumulate underneath these areas, allowing for the freeze/thaw cycle to cause damage through erosion or cracking in the concrete.

People often look to DIY solutions to fix their mole problems, but these solutions rarely, if ever, fix the issue. Methods such as pouring water or gasoline into the tunnels does not work because the moles can easily crawl into, or dig, new tunnels. Some sources will tell you to kill the grubs in your yard, and that will get rid of moles. But moles eat a variety of worms and other protein-rich insects, so killing the grubs won't get rid of the moles. Other solutions, such as collapsing the tunnels, will only provide a reason for moles to dig more tunnels in addition to the ones you just destroyed--which gets you nowhere.

While the above methods don't work very well, professionally trained exterminators can aid with your mole problem and get your lawn looking healthy again. You deserve your beautiful lawn back, and we can help.

The professionals here at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions know how to deal with moles, and other pests that cause problems in Missouri. Our goal is to help you with any and all pest issue you come up against. If you would like more information about how we can help, give us a call today. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have concerning your mole problem.

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