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mole in a st louis front yard

Just when you thought that demands for lawn care were finally ceasing after a hot summer of mowing and watering, enter the lawn rodents. While the fall should be a time to prepare your lawn for winter and then leave it alone, this may not be the case if you are experiencing a problem with moles or other lawn rodents. Moles are a threat to many St. Louis lawns and can  quickly cause a lot of destruction and leave you with quite a mess to clean up. These pests seem to show no mercy when they begin digging tunnels underground, no matter what time of the year.

Their round bodies, narrow snouts, and small eyes can identify moles.  They rely heavily on their sense of touch in order to survive which is why they are so persistent in digging tunnels to find their favorite food source: worms. They also will feast on millipedes, centipedes, and grubs in order to get the food and nutrients they need.

The biggest problem with moles on your property is that as they are digging tunnels to find food, they uproot the soil and expose roots of trees, plants, shrubs and grass. This can mean a lot of damage especially when the roots do not receive the nutrients they need to survive. And it doesn’t take long for a mole to wreak havoc on your lawn. In just one hour, moles can travel 18 feet and leave you with a lot of cleanup and lawn restoration.

So as we begin to see a cooling trend in the St. Louis weather and eventually even the frost of winter, do not assume that moles have headed to warmer places. Since they cannot store fat, they must continuously eat which means they must continuously dig. What is a worried homeowner to do?

If you are looking to protect your St. Louis lawn from this pest then call in the St. Louis mole control pros at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions. With state of the art and proven mole removal techniques, you can be sure that your Missouri lawn is in good hands. To learn more about mole control in St. Louis, simply contact Rottler today!

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