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mole digging in a st louis lawn

As a homeowner, you spend a considerable amount of time and money to establishing and maintaining a beautifully landscaped lawn. This not only gives you great satisfaction and enjoyment, it can also enhance curb appeal and increase the property values.

However, all that hard work and investment can change almost overnight with mounds of dirt and surface tunnels suddenly appearing on the lawn. These surface tunnels, looking like veins on the back of your hand, are a sure sign that moles have moved in and made themselves at home. An unsightly lawn is not the only damage created by moles. They have been known to undermine and weaken concrete driveways and sidewalks, swimming pools and even shallow foundations.  And homes aren't the only areas throughout the St. Louis area that can be heavily damaged from mole. They can also damage commercial landscapes such as parks, cemeteries, and golf courses.

Moles dig multiple tunnels in search of grubs and worms and can excavate 12 to 15 feet of tunnel per hour. This excessive tunneling can cause root damage and kill grass, leaving unattractive brown spots in the yard.

While visible mounds of dirt and surface tunnels in the yard are the most commonly known signs of moles, this is not the only damage moles can cause. Left untreated, moles can cause damage not seen until sections of the yard start sinking from the deep, multiple tunnels. Oftentimes, if the damage extends to this point, the only thing that can repair the damage is tilling the entire yard and replanting the grass. 

Moles are easy to identify. Their forepaws are usually about the size of a nickel and look oversized compared to the rest of their body. They have very sharp nails, making them exceptional excavators digging their tunnels. The mole’s fur is very dense and repels water and dirt. They have a long, pointed snout that resembles a pig. This sensitive snout provides sensory information to help them navigate in the dark.

Moles are rarely ever seen above the surface of the ground. They breed and feed underground. This causes prevention and control to be very frustrating and difficult. While there are many DIY methods to eliminate and control moles, the most effective way to eradicate them is with  a mole control program designed by a professional pest control company.

For years, St. Louis residents have depended on the professionals at Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions to remove existing moles and help keep them away. Rottler’s ongoing pest management programs will eliminate pests and help maintain your home with year round care. For more information on this program and others please contact us today.


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