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mole digging hole

Moles spend almost their entire life underground and out of sight. The only recognition of moles on the property is from raised tunnels in the yard and damaged turf and root systems. These insectivores feast on earthworms, beetle grubs, ants, and other insects found in the soil.

A mole has a short, stocky body and a pair of large front feet with strong claws and a round shaped head with a pointed snout. It is very clear that the body of the mole allows for it to be incredibly good at digging through the soil and developing an intricate tunnel system. Moles have two types of tunnels; one is a shallow tunnel, just beneath the surface and the other one is a much deeper tunnel. The tunnel just below the surface of the yard is used to hunt for food. The deeper tunnels are actually for the mole to burrow deeper into the ground and create their living quarters.

One of the unique things about moles is that they do not hibernate. In fact, they are active year round and work both day and night. They can be wreaking havoc on your lawn, and once the ground freezes, all signs of the presence of moles disappears. One may think the moles perhaps left the area, moving on to other locations. When in reality, they just went below the frost line of the ground.

It is about this time of year, with warmer, spring temperatures approaching, that the mole activity suddenly begins to increase. The males begin searching for females during spring mating season. After a 6 week mating season, your lawn sports a new crop of moles. Within 4 weeks, the young are weaned and driven from the nest. The increased population of active moles will cause an increase of tunnels and damaged root systems.

What is not seen is the spectacular infrastructure of the deeper tunnels or underground highways. These deeper tunnels are much longer, allowing the moles to travel hundreds of feet to other portions of the yard. The deeper tunnels also lead to nesting areas. The digging and tunneling of moles has caused significant and costly damage to many lawns, parks, golf courses, fields, and flower beds.

As with so many pests, moles are frustrating and difficult to eradicate and control. Even though there are various traps that can be purchased, the most successful approach is with the services of a professional pest control company. The professionals here at Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions have successfully served the greater St. Louis area for many decades. When you contact Rottler, you will find that our technicians are very knowledgeable of the biology and habits of moles and will bring a rapid resolve to your mole dilemma.


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