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rottler technician preparing mole trap

Are you seeing round, symmetrical, conical mounds in your yard that look like miniature volcanoes? Is the dirt nice and fluffy with occasional clods on top? Are some of these mounds more than a foot in diameter? If you answered yes to these questions then you, my friend, could have moles. Moles dig a series of living chambers and tunnels that connect them roughly 2 feet below the surface of the ground and push the excavated dirt to the surface in mole mounds, also called molehills.

Another sign of a mole's presence is surface tunneling. These are created as moles go in search of food, and they look a lot like the veins on your skin on the back of your hand. You may also see the evidence of surface tunneling along the edges of concrete walks or other man-made borders.

Are moles increasing in our area?

This year, St Louis seems to be literally crawling with moles, which means that pest control companies are getting a lot of calls. At the Home Show, the number one question heard by Jay Everitt, Technical Director here at Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions, was: "How do you get rid of moles?" Nine out of ten people who asked questions wanted to know this. If you are wondering why the increase in moles this year, Everitt says that this year's wet spring is leading to a greater number of earthworms than usual. More earthworms means more moles, because this is what moles eat. More worms, more moles. It's that simple.

The fact that people are inquiring about how to get rid of moles might be indicative of the fact that they've tried everything they can think of and have had no success. The following is a list of things that do NOT work to eliminate moles. Some are simply ineffective, and others are dangerous.

  • Mothballs. Putting mothballs into mole holes won't do much to deter moles. All it does is make your yard stink, and the moles just dig more tunnels.

  • Flooding. Using a garden hose to flood a mole tunnel won't do much either. It may make the moles move out of that tunnel temporarily; but ultimately it will only make the moles dig more tunnels.

  • Shooting. Even the best sharpshooter would have little success at sitting in a yard waiting for the next mole to pop up. This is ineffective and dangerous.

  • Gasoline. Pouring gasoline into a mole tunnel is not a good idea. Ever. We don't recommend it.

When people ask us, "How do you get rid of moles?" the answer is simple: Get in touch with a professional pest control company. Getting rid of moles on your own is almost always an exercise in futility. But with decades of experience and advanced equipment and knowledge, moles are no problem for a company like Rottler. Don't make a mountain out of a molehill by going it alone. Get help from Rottler today. Not sure if you have moles or something else going on? Call or text us today at 314-426-6100 or click to schedule your free inspection.

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