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Mole Control The Rottler Way


When you look at a lawn that has been torn up by moles, you might think it's not possible for such a tiny critter to cause so much damage. But take it from the lawn pest pros at Rottler, these small insectivores (not rodents) are capable of making your lawn look like someone's been at it with a shovel.

With big claws on their front paws, moles are fabulous at tunneling underground. In fact, it's like they swim through the dirt looking for food. Though they eat many types of insects, earthworms are their favorite and unfortunately healthy, lush lawns tend to have an abundance of them. That's why they often are attacked by moles. If you've notice mole runs and torn up grass and tree roots, Rottler can help!

We actually use a mole bait that mimics earthworms. When ingested by by moles, they're toxic and stop these critters in their tunnels. Our mole control program does not stop there though. Ongoing maintenance is a must because moles that are on your neighbor's property are likely to use established tunnels and could quickly make a mess of your lawn again.

When you stop and think about it, moles really are interesting creatures. However, they're not ones you want anywhere near your lawn or landscaping. If you think that you could have an existing or potential problem with moles, then contact the professionals at Rottler and let us show you what we can do to keep your property mole free.

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