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Missouri spider crawling in the sink

Even though the days are still fairly warm here in the greater Saint Louis area, the nights are getting cooler and it won’t be long before overwintering pests start making their way indoors. Among the ants, box elder bugs and mice, spiders will also be on the move and your home could be their target.

The changing of the seasons is the impetus spiders need to start seeking out shelter. Like many of us, they are not a fan of the cooler weather and will move inside Missouri homes in order to avoid exposure to unpredictable winters. While most household infesting spiders are harmless and considered merely annoying pests, there are some species of spiders in Missouri that are considered dangerous including the Black Widow and Brown Recluse. As a longtime St. Louis pest control company, we understand the spiders are not welcomed by most Missourians and with that in mind we would suggest implementing the pest prevention tips mentioned below to reduce the number of invading spiders this fall.

  • Eliminate harborages. Tall and dense vegetation around your home’s foundation is likely to serve as harborages for spiders and their prey.

  • Seal off entry points. Gaps under doors and around windows, torn screens and cracks in the foundation all serve as access points for spiders looking for suitable shelter. Cracks in siding, holes around utility pipes and wires are also ideal points of entry.

  • Remove existing spiders. Vacuuming up any spiders already inside your home will help reduce the spider population and help in preventing further infestation.

  • Inspect items before you introduce them into the home. Checking winter clothes you’ve just taken out of storage as well as recently purchased items and produce may catch spiders before they make it inside.

For more information on the types of spiders in Missouri or to find out how Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions can help you get rid of spiders and other household pests with effective residential pest control services, please contact our St. Louis pest control company today!

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