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Missouri Pest Control Pros on Stink Bug Prevention


The stink bugs have returned! In fact, in some areas the infestations of these pests are so bad that some believe we are headed for our worst stink bug season on record! Unfortunately these little pests know how cozy our homes will be this winter and as the cooler temps approach, they look for ways of getting into our homes. Once inside, stink bugs don’t really do much damage, but when they invade in large numbers, their sheer numbers can be problematic for a homeowner attempting to clean them up. What can be done? Here are some helpful tips for preventing these stinky pests from getting inside your home this fall.

  1. Check to see how stink bugs might find their way in. Are doors sealing correctly? If not, you may need to see what can be done to fix them- they may need some weather stripping or caulking. Are there holes or snags in your window screens? If so, these should be replaced. Eliminating possible entry areas can help limit the number of these pests that make it into your home.
  2. Vacuum them up, whenever you see them. But don’t forget to empty your vacuum cleaner outdoors after vacuuming, or they may escape back into your home.
  3. Cut bushes and trees back away from your home and remove piles of stuff (or even wood piles) to at least 20 feet away from your home.
  4. Install lighting outdoors that doesn’t attract insects. Sodium vapor lights and yellow lights are known to attract fewer insects than your typical outdoor lights.

These tips can help you pest proof your home this fall. For further pest proofing, the pest control professionals at Rottler can offer stink bug prevention treatments along with superior year round pest control services. Rottler’s Signature Protection plan offers inspections, treatments, pest removal and prevention to keep your home pest-free throughout every season.

This fall, with the threat of stink bugs taking over your home, contacting the pros at Rottler for a stink bug treatment is a wise choice! Give us a call today and let one of our friendly service representatives set up your first inspection for stink bugs or any other pests that may have found your home.


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