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Common Missouri Spiders

Have you met the house spider? You probably have, so introductions probably aren’t necessary. You know these little guys are inside your home by the messy webs they weave in the dark and undisturbed places of your house. Do you have webs near your windows, in the corners up by the ceiling or even in dark and hidden places in the basement? If so, you probably have house spiders. Also called cobweb spiders, these Missouri spiders can become a real nuisance for St. Louis homeowners, which is why the pros at Rottler would like to offer you a few effective prevention tips for spider control to prevent spiders in Missouri from entering your home.


Our spider prevention tips include:


  1. Move wood piles away from your home; spiders like to hide in wood piles, so the closer they are in proximity to your home, the more chance spiders will get inside.

  2. Check the exterior of your home for any places where spiders may be getting inside. They can enter through even the tiniest cracks and crevices, so make sure you block up any areas that you find.

  3. Remove populations of insects inside your home. Because spiders feed on insects, if you have many insects in your home, you will be finding many spiders looking to feed on them. See our Signature Protection plan for more information on home pest control to eliminate insects.

  4. Install sodium vapor lights around the exterior of your home, especially near entry doors. This type of lighting attracts fewer insects, which in turn will attract fewer spiders.

  5. Eliminate areas of clutter in your home. When there are fewer places to hide, spiders will have a tougher time finding a place to build their webs.

  6. Check to make sure window and door screens are intact; if they are ripped or you notice gaps between the screen and the frame, have them replaced.

  7. Common spiders in Missouri, as well as their egg sacs and webs can easily be removed with a vacuum.


Although these spider prevention tips can be effective, the very best way to prevent spiders is through St. Louis pest control services from the industry leaders at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions. Our experienced technicians can help eliminate spiders and other pests inside your home quickly; our year round pest prevention program will even make sure these pests don’t return. Contact Rottler today for more information on control for spiders in Missouri as well as the other pests that are going to try to make your home their own.



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