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raccoon control in st louis

Wild animals are just that...wild. They generally live outdoors and stay as far away from people as possible. However, due to human expansion into wildlife habitats, some wild animals are starting to live very close to humans and have even started to rely on us somewhat for food. And who can blame them really, wouldn’t you choose the easy trash can buffet over having to hunt and search for your food? Raccoons are a good example of a wild animal that will use your home and property as their feeding ground and if given the chance, a shelter to stay in.

Raccoons may look cute and fuzzy with their adorable black mask and human-like hands, but as cute as they may seem, we at Rottler want to warn you that they are can be aggressive and you should not try to handle them. Raccoons are omnivores which means that they basically will eat anything that is found in and around your home. They’re also nocturnal so they do most of their damages while you and your family are soundly sleeping at night.

If you have raccoons lurking around your property you will probably notice overturned trash cans, dug up gardens, disturbed compost piles and even damage to the exterior of your home that they create as they try to make their way inside. Raccoons are very creative when trying to get into homes and can turn the smallest opening into a comfortable entrance and exit very quickly. But since raccoons are very smart they may not need to complete new construction on your home, they may just use an easy entrance that is already there, like a pet door. If your pet door is not properly secure they will take it as a sign that you want them to come inside and make themselves at home, they will eat your food, introduce diseases and cause damage to your home and belongings.

As a homeowner making sure to secure your family pet door is one of the first defenses against raccoons and other wildlife from entering your home. At Rottler we urge you to go to YouTube and search “raccoons entering homes through pet doors” to see really how easy and common it is. We also want to offer you some tips on how to secure your homes’ pet door to prevent a raccoon from entering into your home.

  • Install a motion detector flood light above the door where the pet door is located. The sudden flood of light should scare the raccoon away from the door.

  • Before going to bed at night make sure your pets are indoors and lock the pet door.

  • Install a pet door that will only open by a sensor that is located on your pets’ collar.

  • Do not keep pet food outside the pet door or just inside it, the smell of the food will attract them to the pet door.

If you do find yourself with a “masked bandit” inside your home, the first thing you should do is call Rottler! Raccoons are carriers of rabies and can become aggressive if they feel threatened. Leave the animal control to our team of raccoon experts!

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