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Love Is In The Air For St. Louis Raccoons


Raccoons don’t care that you got to your home first- if they are in need of shelter for their babies, they will find a way to get inside your home. And with the theme of Valentine’s Day all around us, love is in the air- not just for us, but for those raccoons too. Very soon raccoon mamas will be looking for a sheltered place to have their raccoon babies, and if it’s inside your home, you could be in trouble.

For the most part, raccoons are Missouri wildlife that tend to stay outdoors. But raccoons in winter months may act a little differently; if the ground is snow covered and they are having trouble finding a sheltered place to live, they may look to manmade structures for shelter. We often find them living in our garages, in basements, crawl spaces and even in the attic. And if they are protecting a litter of their young, they can become quite the fearsome tenant.

Raccoons that are protecting their young will become very aggressive, doing whatever they can to protect their babies. Raccoons become dangerous wildlife when they are overly protective, but because they are known for spreading some serious diseases, they can be dangerous to your family in many ways.

Raccoons are also known for destroying property; once they find a way into your home, they will gnaw or rip their entry point apart, causing a small hole in the exterior to become a much larger one. They will destroy personal belongings and even insulation to create their nests, which can eventually lead to house fires if electrical wires are destroyed. Along with destroying the actual structure, they can contaminate your home with their urine and feces, requiring a massive and expensive cleanup to eliminate the pests and the damages they have caused.

If you suspect you have a raccoon infestation, you need to find a wildlife removal specialist that knows how to get rid of raccoons. The pros at Rottler offer effective wildlife removal in St. Louis to help evict the raccoon tenants and clean up after them too. Through inspection services to determine the infested areas of your home, removal services to properly and humanely remove unwelcome wildlife, and damage repair and exclusion services to clean up the messes they have left behind, our wildlife removal services are a complete and thorough solution to getting rid of raccoons. Contact the professionals at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions today for more information on our wildlife management services and to schedule your first appointment.

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