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Keeping Your Roof Free Of Squirrels This Fall

Squirrels are fun to watch. For some people, they are also fun to feed. You may be one of those people. If you are, you should know that feeding squirrels will give them more reason to explore your exterior walls and find ways to get inside your home.   While squirrels do quite well outside, even in the cold winters, they can do well inside our homes too. It is important to understand what conditions inspire them to do this, especially in fall when cold temperatures are a strong motivator for squirrels to find a warm place to be.

squirrel-eating-acorn   A squirrel isn't inclined to chew through a sound piece of wood, though they can. They are more likely to chew on wood that has been softened by water damage. If you have areas where wood rot is occurring, it is important to seal them up.   As temperatures drop, squirrels will notice if heat is escaping your home. If they're exploring an area around your foundation perimeter and they find a gap large enough to chew their way through, such as a small hole in a door frame or a space around a plumbing pipe, they may get in. Do an inspection and repair or seal any gaps, cracks, or holes you find.   A common entry point for squirrels is the roofline, eaves, and soffits. If you have tree branches that hover over your roof, squirrels will take advantage of them. This is the fastest way to get a squirrel infestation. Trim those tree branches back to keep squirrels from invading.   Once inside a home, squirrels present many issues. They chew on insulation and building materials, they leave their urine and feces everywhere, and they can make a lot of noise.   If squirrels find a way into your home, it is time to call a wildlife management professional. Squirrels may be somewhat docile when you encounter them in your yard, but a cornered and scared squirrel can be dangerous. They can also be aggressive when protecting their young.   For resolution of wildlife infestations in Missouri, you can count on Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions. Our wildlife professionals use effective, humane solutions to address wildlife problems. And, when you hire Rottler, we don't only remove those animals, we clean up the mess they leave behind and seal entry points so you don't get another infestation. There is nothing worse than paying for two infestations when you could have paid for one.   The cold temperatures of fall are coming. Protect your roof and your property from accidental invasion from squirrels, but if you ever need any help, Rottler is here.

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