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In our Wentzville service area, there are three tick species we see most often. They are the American dog tick, the blacklegged tick, and the Lone Star tick. While the strategies for keeping them out of our homes are the same, they present different threats.

The American dog tick is a dark brown tick that prefers to feed on dogs. They also feed on cattle and deer. In a home, they can choose to feed on humans. When they do, these ticks can spread many diseases. The disease they are known to spread most is Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Fortunately, only about 5 percent of adult ticks are known to carry the organism that causes this disease.

The Lone Star tick is a reddish-brown tick that is quite happy to feed on humans every chance they get. This is a problem because this tick is linked to a rare meat allergy that has the potential to cause lifelong illness.

The blacklegged tick (deer tick) is probably the worst tick we deal with. Blacklegged ticks are linked to the transmission of Lyme disease. If not caught and treated in its acute stage, Lyme disease can become chronic and untreatable.

5 Simple Steps To Keep Ticks Out

  • Veterinarian-prescribed tick products are the front line defense against ticks and fleas. While not 100% effective at keeping ticks out of your Wentzville home, this is a great place to start.
  • Keep dogs in a fenced-in play area so they can't explore your landscaping, where questing ticks are likely to be. This will also reduce wildlife traffic and prevent those animals from bringing ticks into areas where your pet plays outside.
  • Ticks require a lot of moisture. Reducing moisture around your foundation perimeter can have an impact on tick populations near your home.
  • Ticks ride into your yard on wildlife. Everything you do to resist wildlife will help to reduce ticks in your yard. Keep trash in sealed and cleaned receptacles. Keep bird feeders away from your home. Put pet food down only during meal times or refrain from feeding your pets outside at all.
  • Have a pest control company provide routine treatments around your home to reduce ticks.

If you take precautions, you can reduce ticks in your yard and reduce the threat of tick-borne diseases. For assistance with this, reach out to Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions. We offer comprehensive pest control for ticks and other Missouri pests.

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