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Flies are one of the hardest pests to keep out of our homes—because of their ability to fly. But not all flies are going to fly into your home. Some of them are carried in. Yup. Carried in. Let's take a look at some of the common pest flies we have in Kansas City and how they get into our homes and, more importantly, what we can do to keep them out.

When house flies and bottle flies get into a home, it is usually through an open door or window. Often, this is a door that gives entrance to the home from the garage. These flies get into the garage to get into trash that is temporarily stored there, and then zip into the house when given the chance. They'll also congregate around stored trash next to a back door, and zip in that way as well. Keep trash in sealed containers and keep those containers clean to reduce fly activity and reduce the chance of having flies zip into your home.

Cluster flies look a lot like house flies and bottle flies but they are an entirely different pest problem. They aren't drawn to your garbage. They eat the nectar of flowers and require soil and earthworms for their reproduction. Lots of plants and flowers will be an attractant for these flies. When they come near your home, they congregate on your walls and find tiny entry points to get in. Reducing plants can help to manage cluster flies, but residual treatments applied to outside walls is the best way to keep them out.

Fruit flies are tiny flies that are drawn to fruits and sweet vegetables. If you have fruit trees or berry bushes on your property, these flies can be a problem. A high population of fruit flies in the yard increases the possibility of unwanted entry. But most homes don't get a fruit fly infestation this way. They get it from fruit that is purchased at the grocery store. These flies come into the house as eggs and hatch when the fruit ripens. Avoid this by putting that fruit in your fridge instead of on the table in a bowl.

Fungus flies are another fly that can get carried into your home. They lay their eggs in potted plants. If you bring potted plants inside when fall temperatures drop, you could bring an infestation in with them.

Flies are frustrating. If you're dealing with fly problems in Kansas City, Rottler can help. Reach out to us to learn more about our residential pest control programs or to schedule a free inspection.

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