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Tasty food and the holidays go together, don't they? What would a Thanksgiving dinner be without food? It wouldn't be dinner, that's for sure. Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving with turkey, ham, or a vegetarian platter, food will be the centerpiece of your gathering. That's how it is for most holidays. But all that holiday food can be an attractant for cockroaches.
When you throw food away, before or after a gathering, make sure it is in plastic bags and placed in sealed exterior receptacles. Roaches will come running to the smell of rotting organic matter in your trash. Be sure to keep those receptacles clean too. A smelly receptacle is just as inviting as the smell of trash.
Since cockroaches are drawn to locations that have rotting organic matter, good sanitation in your home can make it less habitable for roaches. Cleanliness isn't 100% effective at preventing a cockroach infestation but it can make a big difference.
Roaches will also be drawn to food that isn't rotting. They'll nibble on crumbs under your toaster, sugar granules on a shelf, and food left on dishes that are stacked next to the sink. Cockroaches can chew into food items that are stored in paper, cardboard, or thin plastic. Consider storing these foods in sealed, hard plastic containers.
The biggest impact you can have on whether or not cockroaches infest your home during the holidays are changes made on the outside of your home. While it is not possible to completely seal a home exterior to prevent cockroach entry, when you seal gaps, cracks, and holes, you reduce your chances of having an infestation simply because there are fewer openings for cockroaches to take advantage of when they explore your foundation perimeter.
Do a close examination of your foundation walls and patch cracks you find.
Examine your door frames and make sure the weather stripping makes good contact all the way around.
Look for holes made by other insects and rodents and fill them in.
If you seal things up, keep things clean, and store trash in sealed receptacles, you may not have any trouble with cockroach this holiday season. If you do, it is best to call a pest control professional to resolve the problem. Cockroaches are extremely difficult to get rid of and they can cause serious health issues when they infest.
For remediation of cockroach problems, reach out to Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions. We use a mixture of advanced Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods, green pest control, and EPA-approved products to effectively get rid of cockroaches and keep them out. Schedule a free inspection for your Columbia home to get started.

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