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standing water in a st louis yard

June is typically the wettest month in St. Louis, but this month was the wettest on record with 13.14 inches of rainfall drenching the city( ). This beat out the 12.35 inches we got in June of 2003, and comes close to matching the current record holder for August. In August 1946, 14.78 inches of rain soaked the St. Louis area. That's a lot of rain! How does this weather affect pests? In some cases, it can drive many pests out of the ground and into your home.


Mice and rats flee their nests in flooded sewers and look for refuge in homes. If the wood of your home has a soft spot, they'll find it quickly and chew their way in. The biggest protection against these pests is to make sure you never have broken gutters or water collecting near your home; because when wood stays wet, it is prone to decay. This decay is attractive to rodents--animals that love to chew.

Millipedes, centipedes, ants and earwigs

Though these are vastly different creatures, they come inside your home for the same reason: They don't want to drown. If you want to keep these insects out, you need to make sure your door sweeps, weather stripping, and screens are in good working order. Sadly, these are insects that can climb your walls and gain access to the weaker areas on your roofline. Pest control is often needed to keep these climbers off your walls.


These are creatures that love moisture, but heavy rainfall can drive some spiders to seek shelter inside your home. This is especially the case for the brown recluse spider. If you want to avoid a bite, do your best to seal your walls, and be watchful. Look between your sheets before you slide in. Shake your shoes and clothing before putting them on and look closely at where you intend to sit before you sit.

Stinging insects

All this rain is sure to increase the number of stinging insects around your home. Prolonged rain causes "inside infestations" of stinging insects to increase, forcing them inside to stay dry. The best way to stop stinging insects is to make sure your eaves and exterior walls are properly sealed. This could require a professional. Sealing a home from the invasion of an insect as small as a wasp can be a difficult task.

The single best way to protect your home and your family is with year-round Signature pest control services from the professionals here at Rottler. Our technicians are experts who know how to make your home resistant to pest pressures. Contact us today to set a free inspection. Your home is no place for pests, no matter how frightful the weather outside may be.

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