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a large japanese beetle found in saint louis missouri

If you have ever experienced lawn pests than you are well aware of the damage they cause. Japanese beetles and their larva are a major threat to St. Louis lawns due to their ability to destroy both the leaves and root systems of plants. One of the commonly talked about methods of treating for Japanese beetles are a form of traps. But do these traps really work? And will they take care of your lawn pests and help restore your lawn to its natural beauty?

In a recent blog we wrote about different ways to prevent Japanese beetles from taking over your landscape. We discussed things such as using plants they are not attracted to and plucking off the adult beetles into soapy water. And while some methods may help to control these pests, sometimes it is just not enough. Since Japanese beetles can fly, even a problem at the neighbors could soon become a problem for you.

The idea behind a Japanese beetle trap is to catch reproducing adults through the use of a pheromone that will attract them to the trap. But the problem is that by using the pheromones you are actually going to be attracting more beetles onto your property and could result in an even a greater problem. Japanese beetle traps may be effective only in areas with special conditions, isolated from other Japanese beetle breeding areas.

In the end, the answer is no, Japanese beetles traps are not generally effective in getting rid of the beetles and grubs on your property. And since right now, in the early summer, is their mating season, you may be wondering what you are supposed to do. For those living in St. Louis and Mid-Missouri it is recommended to contact Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions.

Our professionals in pest control and lawn pests specifically will perform a free inspection of your property to identify the source of your problem and then treat your property with the most effective methods to control both the grubs and adult beetles. No longer will your lawn have to suffer from the destruction of Japanese beetles and grubs with Rottler’s trusted lawn care services.

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