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It's Spring! Open The Windows But Keep Out The Pests


There is something about spring air that makes you want to open the windows. After being cooped up in the house all winter, it is so nice to feel the breeze, hear the birds singing, and see the curtains push against a gentle gust of fresh air. The stale winter is quickly replaced with the oxygen-rich beautiful spring day. It does something to your spirits. But while you're letting that wonderful spring air in, be careful not to let invasive pests in as well.

Windows are notorious entry points for a whole host of pests that can make your life miserable. Some even spread illness and disease. They pick up harmful bacteria from your trash and put it on your counters, plates and silverware. Some pests to watch out for include the following:

Flies aren't just a pain to deal with, they are also dirty creatures that are drawn to filth and excrement. If they are resting on your sandwich, imagine what they could have been resting on just before that..

When mosquitoes draw blood to eat, they can also draw in other harmful things. So, when you let them into your home or yard, they can bring a number of diseases that can produce flu-like symptoms or worse.

Wasps, hornets and bees are drawn in by sweet juices, sodas and perfume. An open window will allow stinging insects to crawl around where they can easily be sat on, leaned against, or frightened into stinging. For some people, the venom from a stinging insect means a trip to the hospital.

Cockroaches love windows. This dirty pest is as comfortable in a sewer pipe as it is in your silverware drawer and can carry with it some harmful bacteria. A properly protected window says, "Oh, no you don't" to this insect.

Spiders scale walls and slip through gaps in windows and door frames. If a black widow or brown recluse slips past your defenses, you could find yourself in a sticky situation.

When you open your windows this spring, be sure to have them properly protected with screens that have no holes or tears. While you're at it, make sure screen doors are in proper working order. Also, seal any openings on the exterior of your home that might let bugs in. If you partner with a pest control company this spring, you can be sure that your summer is going to be a whole lot more enjoyable. Give it a try, contact Rottler for a free pest control inspection in St. Louis and surrounding areas today!

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