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Professional Holiday Decorating St. Louis
Yes, we know it’s only October. But at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, we believe it’s never too early to start decorating for the holidays! When you’ve got your decorations prepared ahead of time, you will be able to sit back and actually enjoy your holiday season. Here are a few great reasons why you should enlist the holiday lighting professionals at Rottler to help you design your holiday lighting display early this year.

Rottler’s Holiday Lighting service includes:

  • Top-of-the-line outdoor holiday lights

  • Hanging Christmas lights

  • Premium garlands, wreaths, bows and tree decorations

  • Lighting for the ground and your landscape

  • Installation of holiday decorations (we can even start now!)

  • Removal and storage of holiday decorations during the rest of the year

For holiday decorations and Christmas lights, St. Louis residents know that Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions is the best choice. Our professionals have decorated thousands of homes in St. Louis and we have a reputation for quality service. We use only the finest materials available to decorate your home and property. We choose weather-resistant lights, non-invasive fasteners, electronic digital timers with battery back-up and stunning garlands, bows and tip-lit wreaths. Contact us today to schedule an appointment; when our professionals come to your home, we will draw up a free, no-obligation holiday lighting plan to fit your needs and your budget. We will provide you with a free estimate as well, so you can see what our services cost with no obligation to you.

For a worry free holiday season, contact Rottler today. The earlier you start planning your holiday decorations, the sooner you can rest easy, knowing that at least part of your holiday planning is already done.

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