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holiday to-do list for a st louis homeowner

We know, it’s not even Halloween yet but the reality is that the holiday’s sneak up on us every year. Before we know it everyone will be scrambling to get all of the holiday to do’s done. So to help manage stress levels, the team at Rottler wanted to remind you that now is the perfect time to begin tackling your early holiday checklist including holiday decor in St. Louis. There is still plenty of time to plan events, decorations, and gatherings no matter how small or large. And boy will you be thankful you started early!

Here are a few of the things that are on our early holiday checklist, are they on yours?

  • Plan out menus for big gatherings

  • Make the shopping lists

  • Plan out the locations for your holiday traditions

  • Decide where and when to get the tree

  • Set a date to decorate the tree

  • Select the events you will attend in your community

  • Hire your holiday lighting pro

While the holiday’s tend to be stressful for some, at Rottler we hope to bring you a sense of peace with our St Louis holiday lighting services. With your home glowing this holiday season (and with no work on your part), you won’t be able to help but get into that cheerful holiday spirit!

Please contact us today to have our Christmas decoration installers in St. Louis help you create a holiday display for your St. Louis home or business and then take a deep breath and cross off that first holiday to-do!

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