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The best way to keep pests out of your home is to know what lures them in. Being proactive is the first step in avoiding pest infestations. Here are some of the things pests look for when deciding where to set up shop.

Wet soil. Broken or obstructed gutters can cause puddles around your home. Water can seep into the soil, making it more attractive to pests. Some of them are harmless, like millipedes and beetles. However, others can wreck your home, like termites.

Wet wood. Broken gutters and unattended projects can also leave wet and rotting wood around your home. Rotting wood can lure in termites, carpenter ants, rodents and other wood destroying insects.

Standing water. When water collects in your yard, pests may see it as a drinking fountain. Without puddles, your yard will be less attractive to wildlife like raccoons, squirrels, groundhogs and skunks as well as mosquitoes and other biting insects.

Wet yard clutter. If your yard has damp wet leaves, moist twigs or objects that can collect water in them, like a discarded toy, pests will love you for it.

Dry yard clutter. Pests love a yard that is filled with weeds, tall grass, branches and any other organic material. If your yard feels like nature, pests will feel right at home.

Cover. Pests do not like to be out in the open and are always looking for nice, cozy places to live. If your yard has a place for them to take cover, such as open vents, crawl spaces or small openings under decks or porches, pests will feel safe nesting in these areas.

Breeding sites. Clutter provides places for pests to breed. Things such as trash cans, large rocks, and piles of leaves are perfect covers.

Food. Any food leftover from barbecues or dropped while heading to the trash cans can be seen as a smorgasbord to pests.

Use these tips to make sure your home is protected against infestations:

  • Inspect around your home for food, water and easy harborage areas.

  • Repair any areas with rotting wood.

  • Keep your yard clean and uncluttered.

  • Be sure that all of your gutters are clean and in good, working order.

  • Fill in low areas that collect rainwater with gravel or dirt to avoid having standing water in your yard.

  • Keep your yard as clean and dry as possible to avoid nesting.

  • Make sure any open areas susceptible to nesting are screened in or blocked off.

  • Keep your garbage cans tightly sealed at all times.

If you suspect that your home is already a target for nuisance insects and rodents, give Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions a call to schedule a free, inspection and estimate. Available in St. Louis and surrounding areas, our pest control  and lawn services have been protecting homes and families since 1956.

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