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Is Your Backyard BBQ Ready?


The unofficial start to summer is almost here- Memorial Day Weekend! If you’re looking forward to your next BBQ in the backyard, you will want to make sure that your property is ready. We’re not just talking gas for the grill and ice for the cooler- we want you to make sure that your property is pest free! Checking your property for current pest infestations and preventing future infestations is an important part to the start of your summer season. Is your backyard BBQ ready? Here is a checklist of some things that our St. Louis pest control professionals recommend for you to do to prevent pests in your yard this summer.

  1. Remove sources of stagnant water from the area to help prevent mosquito swarms. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, so you want to check gutters, ditches, puddles and old flower planters for collected rainwater. If you have a birdbath, make sure the water is changed out regularly.
  2. Check around the property for any stinging insect nests. These can be built in the ground or in trees, the side of the home, in gutters or even in your grill- yikes! After you have taken a peek inside, keep the grill closed until you are ready to use it to help prevent any stinging insect surprises on BBQ day.
  3. Replace any window screens in the home that are broken or torn and make sure there is a screen door on all entrances. Open windows and doors are an easy way to let pests right into the home.

Before your BBQ, Graduation Party, summer party or any other outdoor events, we recommend checking around your property for any signs of pest problems. If you find something suspicious, give the pros at Rottler a call. We can help you to prepare your property for outdoor entertainment season and keep uninvited guests such as ants, bees, wasps and mosquitoes from crashing your party!

For those living St. Louis, Columbia, or throughout Mid-Missouri, if you would like to learn more about summer pest control services, lawn pest control or you would like more info on mosquito or ant prevention tips, ask a Rottler professional today! Our Signature Pest Protection program is a great way to stop pests before they become a problem. At Rottler, our mosquito misting system can put a stop to the misery of mosquitoes breeding on your property so you can get back to more important things!

Now don’t forget the gas for the grill and the ice for the coolers and enjoy your summer backyard parties without the annoyance of pests in your yard!

This blog was originally published on May 31, 2013, but we have updated it to reflect the most recent and accurate information available in helping you combat frustrating pest problems.

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