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Is Pest Control Necessary in the Summer?


Some people think that pest control is mainly an issue in the Fall and Spring, when temperatures are mild and everyone likes to be outside. However, pest activity continues and can even increase through summertime.

Entomologist David Denlinger of Ohio State University says, "Insects develop more rapidly with higher temperatures." It's a fact. Bugs like the heat. Take the happy little bed bug. During winter months, this bug will slow down and spend more time in a low energy state, even though it never steps foot outside of your home. Most people let it get cold at night, to conserve on heat costs, and these bugs are less inclined to feed when temperatures are low. Without a blood meal, these bugs can't mate, and their population growth will slow. But when the temperatures start to rise, so does their population.

Almost all bugs like the heat. It drives them to mate and to spread. From early spring to the chill of winter winds, bugs have one goal, and that is to grow their populations. The hotter the summer, the larger those populations can be. In the war against pests, it is important to know how you can take extra measures to keep your home safe.

Here are some things you should do before the heat arrives.

  • Inspect all your screens and make sure they're in good working condition with no holes or tears in them.
  • Inspect door sweeps and weather stripping.
  • Clear debris off your lawn and remove weeds.
  • Examine your gutters for obstructions or breaks to keep water from wetting your exterior walls and causing rot.
  • Use a caulking gun to fill in any rotted areas. Look in hard-to-see places. This is a place that professionals can help you. Pest control companies can do a thorough inspection and help you to seal and protect problem areas.
  • Make sure that you are hiding any possible food sources. Seal and secure your trash cans. Put pet food down only during meal time. Keep fruit in the fridge. Keep pantry products in dry, sealed containers.

It won't be long till the summer heats starts encouraging the bugs to come out and play. The best thing you can do is make your home less enticing.

To find out how Rottler can help you protect your home from bugs this summer and all year long, visit our home pest control page or simply give us a yell!

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