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Is Lyme Disease A Problem in St. Louis?

Did you know that May is Lyme Disease Awareness month? Lyme disease is spread through black legged tick, or deer tick bites. Ticks are most active from May through July and this is why the CDC would like to spread awareness early on in the summer season.

Deer ticks can be found in the St. Louis and Mid-Missouri area. Ticks are commonly found in tall grassy areas or old leaves. This means they are more commonly found in the outer counties and country settings. Children and pets are more frequently bitten by ticks because they spend more time outdoors. Tick bites can also happen while enjoying outdoor activities like hiking, hunting and fishing. Though every tick bite does not mean that you have Lyme disease, it is something you need to be very aware of. The success rate of treating Lyme disease decreases the longer you wait to have it treated.

Of course the best defense against Lyme disease is to try to keep deer ticks away before they bite you. Here are a few simple ways to prevent tick bites:

  • Use caution: walk in the center of trails when hiking. Avoid tall grass and leafy areas.

  • Use repellent: use a bug spray that has 20% deet for adults and 30% deet for children. Spray on any exposed skin. Use a spray that lasts several hours.

  • Use protective gear: Wear permethrin treated clothes, tents and footwear.

  • Keep clean: Shower right when you get home from outdoor activities. Check yourself over for any possible ticks.

  • Tick Inspection: Do a full body search of you and your children for any possible ticks. Dispose of any ticks you find the minute you discover them.

Do not let the threat of ticks or Lyme disease keep you from enjoying the outdoors. Prepare yourself and inform yourself of the proper steps to take to avoid ticks. Tick control in Missouri can be hard to accomplish without the help of a pest professional. Being aware and informed is your best defense. If you feel your St. Louis home may be at risk of a tick infestation call us today!

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