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Clean Dining Room In St. Louis Restaurant

Did you know that a crumb lingering under the fridge or grease built up on the side of the stove could be attracting pests? It’s true! Even if you take pride in maintaining a clean home or business, there may be a few areas that have escaped your notice and could be luring in insects and rodents. At Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, we understand just how effective improved sanitation efforts are when it comes to preventing pest problems from occurring. Best of all, we offer a green approach to pest management to help with these efforts. Rather than be reactive and treat pests after they infest, eco-friendly or green pest control methods are designed to be proactive and eliminate the conditions that attract mice, flies, roaches, ants and other pests in the first place.

In order to help you avoid infestations, the St. Louis pest control pros at Rottler would like to share a few tips to help you improve your sanitation efforts and reduce or eliminate run-ins with nuisance and potentially damaging insects and rodents.

  • Go beyond the surface. Disinfecting the stove tops and the exposed areas of appliances is a must, but to really eliminate any food sources that would attract pests you must pull out appliances. Get at any crumbs, spills or food debris behind and underneath, as well as remove built up grease on the sides.

  • Pay special attention to surfaces where food is prepared. Before and after food preparation, be sure to disinfect any surface areas to eliminate any food sources for foraging pests.

  • Help eliminate all food sources by becoming good friends with your vacuum or broom. Attack the kitchen and dining room, as well as any area where food is consumed, to remove crumbs and leftovers.

  • Eliminate the buffet. Empty trash bins often, don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink or food out on the counters overnight, and keep pet food off the floor and in airtight containers when not in use. Also, storing any open packages of food in airtight containers will make finding food difficult for pests. 

  • Don’t forget grease traps and drains. Since drains are a breeding site for many types of flies and grease traps attract pests, you should clean them often. Occasionally you should contract a professional to clean these areas to remove built up food debris. 

To learn more about pest prevention, home pest control in St. Louis or to find out how our commercial pest management programs can help you protect your business, give us a yell. At Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, we offer pest control services in St. Louis, throughout Mid-Missouri including St.Charles, Jefferson City, Columbia and in western Illinois.

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