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Small Ants On St. Louis Property

If you are beginning to see ants in your home, you are not alone! As we enter the spring season and the weather finally warms up in St. Louis, ants will become more active which means an increased chance of foraging ants in the house and the formation of ant colonies on your property. Since there are so many different species of small ants out there, we wanted to make sure that you knew the ants most commonly found in St. Louis and Mid-Missouri.


Odorous house ants - 1/8 of an inch long and usually brown to black in color, odorous house ants are perhaps most notable for the foul odor they leave behind when crushed. The smell is often compared to that of rotten coconuts. When foraging for food they are most likely to go for sweets but other crumbs in the home are not turned down.


Carpenter Ants - These guys are usually 1/4 to 1/2 inch long, much larger than most other ants in the area. Workers are typically black in color but can also be a rust color. Carpenter ants are wood destroying ants which makes them a bigger threat. They usually start by forming nests (carving through wood) on the outside of the home but will quickly try to find their way inside to start satellite nests typically in wood with moisture damage.


Pavement ants - 1/8 of an inch long with a body that is brown to black in color and legs that are paler. They usually nest in or under the cracks in pavement but do not often venture inside the home. However, if you are having a picnic or BBQ outside, you can be sure these little guys will be happy to join the party.


The fact that colonies can contain hundreds, thousands, or maybe even hundreds of thousands of ants, can cause attempts to get rid of ants on your own to be difficult and frustrating and ultimately unsuccessful. Killing the ants you see is barely the tip of the iceberg compared to the volume of ants in a colony. Until the colony is gone, ants will keep coming back. If you are seeing ants on the exterior of your home or in the yard, contact Rottler before they become a problem inside your home. If you are finding trailing ants in the kitchen or elsewhere in your home, don’t worry, we can help! Just give us a yell!


To learn more about St. Louis ant control for your home or to find out how our other pest control services in St. Louis can help you achieve a pest free home or business, give us a shout today!


Don’t live in the greater St. Louis area? Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions can still help! Click here to view our Illinois and Missouri service areas.


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