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termites eating wood

When termites attack homes in Missouri, there isn't much fanfare. You're not going to wake up and find insects crawling all over the place. The termites we battle in Missouri are subterranean termites. And, if you're not aware, subterranean termites are very sneaky. They can feed on a home for years without being detected because the warning signs they leave are subtle. Sometimes, the only way to track them down and treat them is for a pest control professional to target areas of high risk in and around a home, such as inside wall voids that are high in moisture. Here are some conditions that can make your Kansas City home more at risk for a termite infestation.
If you have standing water near your home, subterranean termites may take notice. These insects require a lot of moisture to survive. Damp ground is the ideal environment and highly attractive. Do an inspection of your exterior and look for leaky spigots, hoses, or plumbing. Inspect your gutters for breaks or obstructions. And see if you have any compacted soil that is letting rainwater collect.
Subterranean termites prefer soft wood. In nature, they assist in the decomposition of dead trees. So, when they see dead, rotting wood on your home, they may be inclined to "help" you decompose that wood by feeding on it and excreting feces to fertilize the soil around your foundation perimeter. Sadly, this isn't going to do anything to build equity in your home. If you have any wood that is being damaged by moisture, it is wise to address it as quickly as possible.
Unpainted or untreated wood is very appetizing to subterranean termites—so is old wood. If you have an old fence, old deck, or some other old structure made of unpainted or untreated wood, you are ringing the dinner bell for a termite feast. Before they're done feeding on these structures, they'll start feeding on your home because termites don't focus on a single food source. Workers gather food from many locations at once.
When protecting your home from sneaky termites, it is important to know what those termites are drawn to. Altering conditions around your home could prevent a termite infestation.
If you want to know for sure your property is protected, it is best to have a licensed and certified termite control professional install a termite monitoring system around your home. The experts here at Rottler trust the Term-Alert™ system. It's like a security system built specifically for subterranean termites. When your home is targeted by destructive subterranean termites, your Rottler termite control professional will know.  Give us a call to learn more or schedule a visit with one of our certified professionals today.

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