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How To Tell If You Have A Wildlife Infestation


Wildlife in your home can become a serious problem. Unfortunately wildlife will often go undetected for a period of time when they are in your home and during that time, these pests may do some serious damage. How can you prevent the damage caused by wildlife in your home? The best way to prevent the damage is to recognize the signs of squirrels in the attic, raccoons in the basement and other wildlife pests in your home before the infestation gets out of control. Here are some helpful tips from the St. Louis pest control professionals to help you identify a wildlife problem inside your home or business.

  • Hearing noises from under your home or deck. These could be skunks, raccoons, squirrels, opossums or other wildlife that have made a home under your home. The noises are typically louder at night, when these animals are most active. You may hear wildlife in walls, or in the attic; they may squeak or make scratching sounds, especially in the evening hours.
  • Noticing garbage cans turned over, or garbage bags destroyed and trash strewn all around.
  • Pest droppings are obvious signs of an infestation. Mouse droppings appear thin and spindle shaped and are approximately 5mm in length. Rat droppings are blunt spindle shaped and approximately 1.5-2 cm long. Squirrel dropping are similar to rat droppings, but are slightly more round and bat droppings look more like mouse droppings, but will crumble into a fine dust when crushed.

Our St. Louis weather is cold and snowy this time of year, which has all different types of wildlife searching for shelter. If your home becomes shelter for annoying wildlife, contact the home pest control professionals at Rottler for more information on our wildlife control services and to help you get rid of raccoons and other pests. Getting rid of raccoons and other wildlife should be a top priority; these pests spread diseases and destroy our homes and businesses, so they should not be allowed to live in our homes and businesses for any length of time. Rottler pest professionals can help you eliminate wildlife pests in your home and offer recommendations to keep these pests from returning. Contact us today for more information on squirrel pest control, raccoon control and other wildlife control from the pros at Rottler!

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