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How To Tell If A Rodent Has Gotten Into Your Home


One of the best ways to tell if there is a rodent in your home is by the noises they can make in your walls. While that bumping and scratching might be annoying, it leaves little doubt that you have a rodent problem. But rodents don't always make noise in the walls. In fact, they often don't. These sneaky pests often come in through the low areas of a home and remain near 1st-floor food sources. When they do, they can cause all kinds of problems without you knowing about it. Here are a few more ways to tell if a rodent has gotten into your home and what you can do to prevent them.

Interior Inspection

Look for chew holes. These may be in low portions of your walls and underneath or behind objects that provide cover. They may be in a piece of furniture. They may be in stored boxes. The most likely place rodents will make holes is in cardboard and paper food containers.

Look for tiny black droppings in the back of your kitchen drawers, under your cabinets, and on shelves. Smell for urine in your attic spaces. Rodent urine can be quite potent.

Look for grease streaks on baseboards. Rodents rub their fur on walls as they run. Since the fur of mice and rats is usually oily or dirty, this can form a streak, over time.

Exterior Inspection

Rodents do damage as they're getting into your home. If you see damage in common locations rodents enter a home, you might have a rodent problem. Inspect windows and doors and the sill of your home (just above the foundation wall). If you see a hole that is larger than a nickel, that is a good sign that an animal has been chewing.

Lay down Traps

When deployed by an untrained individual, traps are not a good way to get rid of rodents, but they can provide the evidence you need to determine that rodents are infesting your home. If you detect rodents in your home, contact a licensed professional to have your problem completely resolved. If you fail to correct your issue, those rodents could be allowed to continue damaging your home and your belongings and to spread illness and parasites in your home.

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