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How To Rodent Proof Your Home

When the weather in St. Louis and surrounding areas in Missouri begins to cool off, you can count on rodent activity increasing. Whether it is rodents in walls or rodent droppings, you want to make sure that your home is protected from the threat of mice and rats.

A lot of homeowners ask, are mice dangerous? The answer is that yes, they can be. Mice are known carriers of diseases such as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome and Salmonellosis. These diseases can be transmitted to humans through contamination on surfaces and even air borne through urine particles. In addition to health risks, a rodent infestation can also lead to structural damage in the home as rodents have incisors (continuously growing teeth) that require constant gnawing.

Our St. Louis pest control professionals at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions would like to help prevent any run ins with rodents this fall and winter so here are a few tips to rodent proof your home:

  • Inspect the outside of the home for any openings, even cracks, along the foundation, windows and doors. Seal off any openings that you do find so that rodents do not have a way to get inside.
  • Take the trash out on a regular basis and keep it stored in bins with tight closing lids as to keep not just rodents but other insects and wildlife away. Rodents require food sources and the garbage is a major attractant if left out in the open.
  • Keep the kitchen clean. Crumbs, spills and any food debris can attract mice and rats into the kitchen and other rooms of the home. You can avoid this by keeping surfaces and floors clean and sanitized. You may even want to pull out kitchen appliances and get a good scrub to remove built up grease or food debris.
  • Always continue your regular home pest control services. Rottler’s Signature Pest Protection program is a great way to keep your home pest free, even when fall pests like mice and rats are looking for a way to get inside.

For more information on pest prevention or pest control in St. Louis, Ellisville and elsewhere in Mid-Missouri, please contact Rottler today!

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