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How To Protect Yourself From Brown Recluse Spiders


ST. CHARLES, Missouri (KMOV) -- News 4 has received a ton of response to a report aired about a brown recluse spider infestation at a home in St. Charles County.

According to Jay Everitt, an entomologist at Rottler Pest Solutions, the brown recluse is one of the most dangerous types of spiders in the St. Louis area.

“The venom of this insect kills tissue and, gone untreated, it can be severe even as far as death,” said Everitt, an expert when it comes to the brown recluse.

Everitt said the brown recluse can be found throughout the whole St. Louis area.

“We have some areas that are more concentrated, generally older homes. Anywhere from Clayton to the Oakville area,” he said.

A 20-year-old Hillsborough man bitten last year knows what Everitt is talking about. His mother says the bite started out as a pea-sized sore on the back of his knee.

“Of course it started getting worse, the ulcer, and it started eating away at his skin,” said Marsha Geary. “So I called poison control, who advised me to take him to the emergency room.”

Everitt says if one brown recluse is found, there’s a good chance more are in the area.

“Because that insect is there because there’s a food source,” Everitt said.

He says there could be hundreds, even thousands, of them.

So what can you do to kill the spiders?

Everitt suggest using a glue board to trap them.

“You actually benefit when you get one or two on here,” he said. “He thinks it’s food and so he goes after it and they keep piling in.”

Brown recluse spiders have six eyes, two less than the eight most spiders have. They also have a grey abdomen and long, spindly legs.

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