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Missouri Pantry Pests

When it comes to baking, you may love it or hate it, but often there are many reasons to do it, especially in the fall. With school bake sale fundraisers, fall parties and the abundance of pumpkins, apples and other fall ingredients, fall baking is something many folks in Missouri enjoy. But when baking is accompanied by the presence of a pantry pest infestation and spider beetles, you may get the desire to run far from the kitchen! These pests are known for digging into your pantry staples, including flour, sugar, cake or muffin mixes, granola grains and other kitchen essentials. What can you do to prevent food infesting pests in St. Louis? Here are some tips from the St. Louis pest control professionals at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions.


To prevent spider beetles in Missouri, as well as pantry pests like Indian meal moths, follow these prevention tips:


  • Seal up any cracks or crevices on the exterior of your home. This includes areas around doors and windows as well as spaces around cable wires and utility pipes.

  • Examine food and other pantry staples before bringing them into your home. Do not purchase bags or containers that have holes or rips in the packaging; if the packaging is clear, examine the product for signs of bugs before you buy it.

  • Trim bushes and shrubs back away from your home and make sure tree branches don’t touch the sides of your home.

  • Eliminate areas of moisture inside your home as well as outside. Install dehumidifiers in especially damp environments and venting systems in bathrooms. Make sure gutters drain away from your home.

  • Store food products in tightly sealed containers- items like flour, baking mixes, granola, bread mix and other products should always be stored in plastic or metal canisters.

  • Use older products first and never mix old and new products.

  • Only buy as much of a product as you need at a time; when a product stays in your cupboards for a long time, there is a better possibility of them becoming infested with pantry pests.


These prevention tips can help you prevent pantry pest infestations as well as other pests in your St. Louis home.


More On Spider Beetles...

People often want to know, “do spider beetles bite?” The answer is no; spider beetle bites are unheard of- these pests aren’t known to bite, spread disease or cause wood damage inside your home. But spider beetles, along with the other pantry pests can pose a problem when they enter your food products and contaminate it with their bodies.


For a troublesome pantry pest infestation, give the pros at Rottler a call today. Our exceptional pest control services in Missouri will eliminate the pests that are inside your home and we can offer services to prevent them from coming back. Contact us today for more information on our pantry pest control services.


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