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family enjoy a pest free picnic

As the weather is starting warming up, the grass is turning green and everything is in bloom. You, your family and friends are going to want to be outside more. Having a picnic is a great way to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather. Taking the family to a park, putting down a large blanket, or finding a picnic table to eat at can just seem like a perfect way to spend your day.

There are a few things to think about when you are preparing your picnic. You must take into account the local pest population. For example, some of the most common picnic crashers are ants, stinging insects and mosquitoes. These pests can turn a wonderful day dining outdoors into a nightmare.

Ants: These little bugs are attracted to the food you are bringing for your picnic. They will march one by one right into your picnic area without any invite. They see a quick and easy meal and can’t wait for you to turn your head so they can carry off those crumbs on your blanket.

Stinging insects: Bees, wasps, hornets, they’re all in the same category. Stinging insects are attracted to the sweet smells of fresh fruit or the sweet drinks you brought with you. There is nothing like going for a sip of sweet tea and having a wasp swarming you. These insects can be dangerous if you are stung. Especially if you are allergic to the sting and have to head to the hospital...not a fun end to your summer picnic.

Mosquitoes: Wherever you go they will follow. There is not a lot you can do to fully avoid mosquitoes in the summer. Your best bet is to use some insect repellent in defense. Also keep in mind that any swampy, marsh or pond areas will have a higher mosquito population. This is because mosquitoes breed in standing water and only need a few inches of water to lay their eggs.

When preparing your picnic there are a few helpful hints to trying to keep the pests away from your perfect picnic fun.

  • When you are packing up the food use food containers with tightly sealed lids. This should help deter the ants and stinging insects.

  • Bring bug spray. DEET is a highly effective choice for bug spray to help ward off mosquitoes, even ticks!

  • When picking your picnic location, choose wisely. Keep an eye out for any wasp or bees nests in the trees. Look for any large ant hills nearby. Try to find a picnic table to elevate yourself from the ants. Also try to not be too close to stagnant water where mosquitoes breed.

Summer time is here and the weather is beautiful. We hope you get to go out and enjoy every minute...without the picnic pests!


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