When you travel, we would like to remind you to stay wary of bed bugs. Most people pick these pests up unknowingly while they travel, so as long as you stay aware of them and know how to inspect for them, you should really reduce your risk of bringing them back home with you after your next trip. Here are some useful tips on performing a bed bug inspection in your hotel room when you head out on your next adventure:

  1. Bring a small flashlight and magnifying glass with you; before you bring your luggage into your room, do a search for bed bugs (and their signs) in your room.

  2. Bed bugs can typically be found around the bed; look for little brownish/red fecal spots on bed linens, mattresses, headboards, box springs and upholstered furniture.

  3. Shed bed bug skins are a sign of a bed bug infestation; these can be found any place where bed bugs are in a room, so checking around the bed, along where the carpeting meets the wall and even behind picture frames is a good idea.

If you should recognize any of these signs of bed bugs while traveling, immediately alert the hotel management. Request to be moved to a different room that is not near the infested room or find a new hotel. When you return home, make sure that you examine your luggage and belongings carefully for signs of bed bugs. Wash all your clothing in the hottest temperature available to make sure that any bed bugs that hitched a ride a home with you are killed in the washing/drying process.

If you are worried that you may have already introduced a bed bug infestation into your home after a trip, contact the St. Louis pest control professionals for an inspection. Our trained professionals know where to look for bed bugs and we can give you the peace of mind you’re looking for to let you know whether or not your home is infested. If we should locate a bed bug infestation, we can offer a bed bug heat treatment to eliminate these pests quickly, often in just one treatment. Our professionals kill bed bugs with heat as an eco-friendly and effective alternative to chemical use. If you are looking for a bed bug treatment that is safe for your home, your family and your pets, thermal remediation for bed bugs is the best choice.

If you’ve been experiencing bed bug bites, you’ve seen signs of bed bugs around your home or you just want to know that your home is bed bug free, contact us today for your first inspection!

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