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How to Get Rid of Raccoons

To most people, raccoons are very easy to identify: their long striped tail, their fat and furry bodies and the distinctive black “mask” marking around their eyes isn’t easily missed. But it’s pretty easy to overlook them nesting on your property as they are nocturnal and do most of their activities at night. If you have just now recognized that you have raccoons living on your property, you need to take action to evict them immediately, because the damages they can cause to your property and the health threats they pose to you and your family are significant. 

Why Do I Have Raccoons?

In St. Louis and throughout Missouri, raccoons can commonly be found in wooded areas along streams and rivers, marshes and lakes. Raccoons are excellent at adapting to their surroundings and like most animals they are opportunistic, looking for a lifestyle that offers the greatest reward for little effort. Living around humans offers this simple lifestyle for raccoons, especially if they can locate a nesting place that is near to humans but offers shelter and food sources. 

What Kind of Damage Do Raccoons Cause?

Once they’ve found a suitable nesting place, (which includes your attic, the chimney, the crawl space under your property and areas under porches and decking) they can begin to do some serious damage to your structure.

  • They will remove shingles and fascia board to enter your attic space and may even damage vents.

  • They will rip up siding and insulation and whatever else they can find to help make their nest more ‘hospitable’.

  • They will block up chimneys with nesting materials.

  • They will scatter garbage from your trash cans all over your property.

  • They will steal garden crops and roll up sod in search of worms, grubs and insects for their dining pleasures. 

Beyond the physical damage they will do to your property, you may be wondering are raccoons dangerous? The answer is yes, they definitely are! They bring with them serious health threats. Raccoons are known to carry ecto-parasites, including fleas, mites and ticks. They are also known to play host to various diseases, including raccoon roundworm and rabies. They can become incredibly vicious if they are protecting their babies and can be dangerous to just be around, much less try to evict.

Hoe To Get Rid of Raccoons

Getting rid of a raccoon in the attic or anywhere else on your property can be very challenging. You never know what diseases or parasites the raccoons may be carrying, so approaching these animals yourself is a very bad idea. They may be hiding babies somewhere and will attack you in order to protect their little ones. They may also be rabid, which would mean that they’d come at you regardless of the situation, ready to attack and bite you by simply getting near them. Getting rid of raccoons on your own is something you should never try; it is too dangerous and hardly ever ends well. If you have raccoons on your property and you’re ready to evict them, you should leave raccoon control to the professionals. The knowledgeable professionals at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions are St. Louis wildlife removal specialists that have removed raccoons and other wildlife from homes and business in Missouri for almost 60 years.  We know exactly what precautions to take to safely and effectively get rid of raccoons from your property. 

Can I Prevent This in the Future?

There are no foolproof prevention techniques to keep raccoons away from your property forever. These are clever little animals that will find a way onto your property no matter what you do. But with that said, there are a few small prevention tips you can follow to try to minimize the possibility that you will play host to raccoons in the future and these include:

  • Eliminating a favorable environment for raccoons will so they don’t have access to food, water and nesting sites.

  • Use a bungee cord or rope to ‘tie down’ your garbage cans outdoors so that they can’t be knocked over.

  • Keep garbage in a tightly lidded trash can.

  • Don’t leave pet food and water sources outside.

  • Keep wood piles neatly stacked.

  • Don’t allow for clutter to pile up around your property. 

By following these prevention tips, you will be less likely to host an invasion of wildlife.  If you are finding these pests on your property despite your best efforts, contact the professionals at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions today.  In addition to effective raccoon control in St. Louis, our wildlife management experts can help you with evicting squirrels, snakes and opossums from your St. Louis property.

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