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How To Detect Termite Infestations in St. Louis

Termites are one of the greatest pest threats to many homes across the country due to the extensive structural damages that they cause. And not only do they cause massive damage to the wood in homes, but they are also very hard to spot. Termite infestations often remain undetected until its too late and the termite damage has been done. Thankfully there are a few ways to spot termite infestations and the experts in termite control at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions would like to share these with St. Louis and other Mid Missouri homeowners.


Check your property for small mud tunnels. Eastern subterranean termites, which are the most common species of termite found in the St. Louis area live in underground colonies and use a series of tunnels to travel. If they are exposed to air and light they will dry out and die so these mud tunnels are a perfect way to maneuver around.

In the early spring you may also spot a termite swarm, or at least the after math. Once a year termites release the reproductive winged termites known as swarmers from their colonies. These swarms happen fast and after a few minutes they will lose their wings. So whether you see them actually swarming or just a large mass of wings, you can be sure there are termites nearby.

The last sign of a termite infestation is wood damage. Wood damage is much harder to detect than you may think. Termites work from the inside out, which means that your wood could be getting consumed by termites without you even seeing anything. But in the case of more severe infestations, you may notice small holes in the wood, warped looking wood, or wood that seems to be disintegrating.

If you do happen to notice any of these termite warning signs it is important that you contact your local St. Louis pest control company right away. Left untreated, termites will continue to wreak havoc to your structures and may result in costly repair bills. If you believe termites are at work in your home and would like to learn more about the home termite solutions at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, contact us today!

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