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How To Control Mosquitoes


If you are seeing a massive amount of mosquitoes swarming around your home and property, it is likely that these blood sucking pests have found ideal breeding grounds nearby, aka sources of standing water. Homeowners in St. Louis are starting to notice a lot of mosquitoes buzzing around which can lead to the spread of mosquito borne illnesses (i.e. West Nile virus) via mosquito bites. So in order to prevent problems with mosquitoes this summer, our St. Louis pest control pros wanted to offer a few tips to help manage all the mosquitoes you are seeing.

  1. Make sure that your windows and doors remain closed or have screens. This will prevent mosquitoes from getting inside the house.
  2. On a regular basis or after any any of heavy rainfall, empty out items on your property that tend to collect with water such as bird baths, wheel barrows, and kiddie pools.
  3. Clear out gutters and ditches that are collecting with debris and stagnant water. Ideally, water should always be flowing, not standing still.
  4. Redirect water to flow away from the property if you experience a very wet yard each spring or after a heavy rainfall.
  5. Try to avoid spending time outside when mosquitoes are at their peak - dawn and dusk.
  6. Apply insect repellent whenever you are spending extended amounts of time outside.

If you are still finding mosquitoes to be a major problem on your property, contact Rottler! We offer professional mosquito control services in St. Louis and Mid-Missouri to not only control mosquitoes you are dealing with now but we will also help to eliminate their breeding grounds to prevent future mosquito problems. Our mosquito misting system is ideal for reducing the mosquitoes you are seeing so that you can actually enjoy your property this summer! For more information on mosquitoes in St. Louis or to schedule a FREE inspection, give our St. Louis exterminators a call today.

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