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termites in st. louis home

We kicked off termite season by writing a blog about Termite Awareness Week, in which we outlined the reasons property owners need to know about subterranean termites. Now, as we head into the summer portion of termite season, it is important to start talking about prevention. If you haven't taken any steps to protect against termites yet, don't wait another day. The wet and humid summers that are so common in St. Louis and throughout Missouri give these wood-destroying insects everything they need to reproduce and spread quickly. Subterranean termites are cold-blooded moisture pests. The higher the temperature and the higher the humidity, the more active these home destroyers are going to be.

In a recent article, we covered some helpful tips for identifying termite damage and the signs of termites but we didn't get into the details of what conditions can increase termite problems and how influencing these conditions can help with prevention. Here are some things to consider:

  • Workers come up from the ground to feed on your property. If you have wood that touches the soil, this should be corrected.
  • Before termites feed on your home, they feed on something in your yard. It might be a stump, a log, a fence, or a structure that is made out of wood, especially untreated wood. Removing dead wood from your yard and painting or staining structures can help to resist termites.
  • Since termites are moisture pests, everything you do to address moisture will help to resist termites. Cut tree branches to allow sunlight to dry moist ground. Clear out gutter systems to prevent spillage next to your foundation walls. Repair leaky spigots. Anything you do to prevent water accumulations and moisture will make your yard less interesting to subterranean termites.
  • Do an inspection of your outside walls and fill in any gaps, cracks, or holes. These can allow rainwater AND termites to get in. While Eastern subterranean termites don't prefer to establish themselves inside man-made structures they will if given the right conditions. When you have high moisture in your wall voids, those are the right conditions for these termites to develop a satellite colony.

Subterranean termites are sneaky, wood-destroying pests that can cause a lot of damage throughout the year, but they are especially destructive during the warm, humid summer months. Investing in professional treatment services is the only way to safeguard against the cost of termite damage. Get your termite protection in place by giving us a call today.

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