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We have many spiders that commonly get into our Missouri homes. The most common entry points for all of them are gaps, cracks, and openings that are near the ground. They may exploit a gap in the weather stripping or door sweep of a basement or ground-level door. They may find a broken seal on a basement or ground-level window and squeeze into the frame void. And they might crawl right in through a hole created by another pest such as a rodent or a carpenter ant. If you find these entry points and seal them, you can resist spiders. But this is only a partial solution. Why? Because our homes can have a surprising number of holes we don't even know about. So, what is the solution? It is important to understand the conditions that attract spiders to your Missouri home and address them. Here's how.

1. Reduce Bugs

Many spiders feed on bugs. If you have a lot of bugs in your yard, it will be an attractive place for spiders to hang out. One of the key ways to reduce bugs is to reduce moisture. Most bugs love moisture. Inspect your gutter system to make sure it is doing its job. An obstructed gutter can have a serious impact on the health of a home and lead to a frustrating increase in pest activity.

2. Reduce Insects

If you have webs in locations around your home, it is because spiders are snatching up flying insects. Reduce flying insects by keeping exterior lights off at night, replacing white bulbs with yellow light bulbs, keeping curtains drawn at night and keeping trash in sealed receptacles.

3. Reduce Harborage Options

If you have clutter in your yard or near your exterior walls, you're going to have more trouble with spiders. They will establish themselves in, under, or around objects left outside. Store items away if possible.

4. Reduce Vegetation

Most of us are attached to our landscaping, so removing vegetation isn't really a solution. But understanding that vegetation will increase pest activity near your home and increase your chances of having an infestation is important.

All of these attractants can be addressed with residential pest control service. When you have an ongoing pest plan with a trusted pest control company, you'll have routine treatments to reduce bugs that crawl around on the ground and insects that get into your vegetation. You'll also be given actionable information about conditions around your home that are conducive to pest activity. Residential pest control directly targets some spiders and works to reduce the populations of all spiders by reducing their food source.

If you live in Springfield, we'd like you to know that the team at Rottler is standing by to help. We offer effective pest and lawn solutions with on-time, friendly service, every time.

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