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How Muskrats Affect Your Property

When it comes to muskrats, people can have conflicting reactions. A homeowner who's house is near a pond may react with anger when damage is seen on their property by a muskrat. Another may be in awe because the coat they have been gazing at longingly is covered in muskrat fur. Yes, very different views of a muskrat, but at the end of the day, when a muskrat is tearing up and destroying your property, I bet you will look at a muskrat covered coat in a different way other than fashion.

The name muskrat comes from the musky smell they trail with them during mating season. During this time of year, muskrats can be very aggressive and protective of their territory while also searching for their mate. Muskrats live in a family of male, female, and their offspring. They usually live in wet areas like ponds, streams, dams, marshes, and thick areas of vegetation. They can weigh about 1 to 5 lbs and grow up to 24 inches long including their tail. Muskrats also have sharp long claws for digging and burrowing along with sharp teeth for eating and gathering vegetation. They have webbed hind feet, and their tail is used to aid them in swimming since they are semi-aquatic.

If you live or have a business around any areas where muskrats would like to inhabit, chances are you have encountered a muskrat problem or two. A major issue caused by muskrats is when they burrow into a dam or shoreline area. Once a muskrat compromises the strength of a dam it will become weak and may even implode if not fixed. Sometimes crops like rice are damaged by muskrats because of their burrowing and contamination. Muskrats are most active at night, but they live and mingle year-round. They are omnivorous and mostly feed on crops and vegetation, but opt for a frog or snail every now and again.

Since muskrats are also very well known for their silky soft pelts for use with fur coats and other fur products, there are some regulations in place about removing them. Taking a muskrat off your property can be a daunting task and one that should be handled by a professional to ensure humane and legal practice.

If you find your home or business in jeopardy due to the work of a muskrat, contact us at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions. The professionals on our wildlife team are trained in the humane capture and removal of muskrats. We have served our communities in Missouri for over 50 years and we stand behind our work. We offer free inspection and continued monitoring throughout your whole service, and will follow up with you to ensure your muskrat problem is taken care of completely.

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