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How Insulation Can Stop Fall Pest Problems Before They Start


We all know that attic insulation is important. Heat rises. And insulation helps to keep the heat from escaping during the chilly winter months. But insulation can do more than just keep heat in. It can also keep pests out.

No home is better with pests in it. Pests are destructive to building materials, spread harmful bacteria and human pathogens, introduce parasites into a structure, contaminate food, contaminate surfaces, bite and sting, destroy belongings, and make life miserable. If you've been thinking about adding more insulation, why not choose pest control insulation? With InCide® Pest Control Insulation, you can have all the benefits of cellulose insulation and more.

Benefits of Incide® Pest Control Insulation

  • This is a blown insulation that can be put right on top of your current insulation. Not only will it create another thermal-resistant layer to your insulation barrier, it will fill in all the gaps that have formed in your attic insulation over time, blocking convection currents and air infiltration, and saving you money on your energy bills.
  • The pest control ingredient (Boric Acid) in this insulation is least toxic for humans and bad news for most household pests such as cockroaches, centipedes, ants, silverfish, earwigs, booklice, and more. It also helps to protect your home from subterranean termites. Pests aren't the only thing that can threaten the health of a family. Mold and mildew can cause serious health problems to arise. This insulation is scientifically proven to prevent the germination of mold and mildew.
  • There are few things as scary as a house fire. When a fire takes root, it can move through your entire home quickly. This insulation is a class-1 building material that has fire-resistance characteristics. That means the fire department is going to have a better chance of putting that blaze out before it can do harm to you, your family, your belongings and your equity.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 80% of older homes are considered to be under-insulated. If yours is one of them, why not add InCide® Pest Control Insulation and solve several issues at once?

If you'd like to know more about this powerful insulation option or schedule a visit with a certified installation installer in our Missouri or Illinois service area, reach out to us. We'll help you get that attic in tip-top shape for winter--and beyond.  

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