Even though everyone is still wearing their winter coats, the spring season will be here before you know it. And as a hotel owner or manager, this means that soon your hotel will be very active and busy with spring break guests. While an increase in the number of guests visiting your hotel is very positive, with it comes the increased chance that your hotel will become victim to a bed bug infestation.


It is a popular myth that bug beds are only found in areas where there is a lack of sanitation, and this is not true. Bed bugs do not fly or jump so the only way they travel is by hitchhiking on people or their belongings; because of this, wherever there is a large turnover of people, there is also the possibility of bed bugs. To protect your hotel’s reputation, it is important to put into place a commercial bed bug treatment service to be proactive in the defense against bed bugs in St. Louis.


The best way to ensure that bed bugs are kept under control and that your hotel is protected is through education. Educating your staff on what adult bed bugs look like, where they like to hide, how they breed, signs of their presence, and what to do if they see those signs or actual bed bugs. Keeping your staff informed and educated about bed bugs is your best first defense against a bed bug infestation occurring in your hotel.


Along with getting your staff on board with helping to control bed bugs, it is very important to get professional help to prevent and control bed bug infestations. One of the best ways to regularly inspect your hotel and locate any bed bugs infestations is with canine bed bug dogs. Inspections using specially trained bed bug dogs are over 90% accurate, are very fast to complete, can easily detect all stages of bed bugs, and will cause little to no disruption to your establishment. Using bed bug detection dogs to regularly inspect all rooms and areas of your hotel is one of the best ways to find and stop an infestation before it spreads throughout your hotel.


If bed bugs are discovered in an area of your hotel, one of the best treatment options available for getting rid of bed bugs is the professional administration of a bed bug heat treatment. Killing bed bugs with heat is an environmentally friendly and highly effective way to control bed bugs in hotels. Specialized portable electric heaters are used to raise the infested area to a temperature that will eliminate all stages of bed bugs, fast. Treatment time is sometimes as short as 4 hours and once treatment is completed, the area can be re-entered without needing the typical 1 week wait with traditional treatment methods. This treatment does not affect other areas of your hotel that are not affected, allowing for business as usual in those areas!


For more information about commercial bed bug control in St. Louis, contact the professionals at Rottler Lawn & Pest Solutions today. Our bed bug experts will be able to give you all the necessary information about bed bug services for your hotel including bed bug heat treatments and K9 bed bug dog inspections. Don’t delay, get professional help to protect your business against bed bugs today!

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