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How Do You Keep Your Home Pest-Free?


There are many different ways to keep insects, rodents and wildlife out of your home, but the very first step for a pest free home is prevention.  Pest prevention practices are also known as “exclusion techniques” because you are attempting to exclude pests from entering your property. 

Block Access

If there’s a way in your house, pests will enter. If you block the access, they’ll go elsewhere. Common entry points include:

  • Cracks in the foundation or gaps in siding

  • Holes around vents or gaps around utility lines and cables coming into your home

  • Gaps around misaligned windows and doors

  • Holes in window and door screens

If you find areas of your home that need to be closed up, mend these gaps yourself or hire a remodeling professional.  For instance, you can install a chimney cap to stop birds and squirrels from entering through there, or install hardware mesh behind vents in your attic and your dryer.

Taking care of your home and making sure that it is structurally sound will go a long way in keeping insects, rodents and wildlife out. An added benefit  is that closing some of these gaps (especially around doors and windows) will help with heating and cooling your home.

Keep it Clean

Good sanitation practices go a very long way toward keeping away pests like ants, mice and squirrels. Inside your home, remove what attracts them by:

  • Cleaning up spills and crumbs in pantries, on countertops and the floor

  • Transferring foods (including pet foods) packaged in plastic or cardboard into metal or glass containers

  • Removing clutter so pests have less places to hide or nest

  • Taking out all garbage at least once a week

Keep the outside of your property clean, as well. Rodents and wildlife will be attracted to areas where your garbage is stored, so be sure they can’t gain access into your garbage storage containers. Wildlife is also attracted to your property by the insects or grubs found in your soil. Keep wood piles several feet away from your property and make sure that plants and shrubs next to your home are cut back. Consider installing crushed rock around the perimeter of the foundation.

These exclusion techniques make your property unsuitable for pests.  If you follow these tips and still have pests, contact the professionals at Rottler to help you solve the problem.

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