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termite found in wood in st louis

Termites are serious business, especially subterranean termites, which are the most common. These termites cause an estimated 5 billion dollars in damage to U.S. buildings every year. If you own your own home, this is one pest you need to make sure to check for annually. Here's what you'll want to look for.

  • The biggest clue that you have termites is seeing live termites. The swarmers can sometimes be confused with flying ants, but if you look closely, you'll notice that they do not have distinct body segments like an ant. You will also not likely see them flying alone. Termites tend to swarm, usually when they are looking for a new place to make a colony. If they have been swarming, you will find their dead carcasses, or wings, lying around.

  • Another way you'll see them is if you pull an old board back away from your wall, or peel up some mulch. It’s hard to miss the hundreds to thousands of tiny white insects crawling around on top of each other.

  • More often, you won't see them. This is why they are called "silent invaders". Termites don't need to chew through your wood to get into your home, they can easily slip through cracks and holes. But, if you missed them going in, you may notice their presence by the vein-like mud tunnels they create on the outside of your foundation. They make these tunnels to keep themselves protected from the outside world, while they feast on your home. If you find these, and are curious if they are currently being used by termites, break off a piece, and check it the next day. If it is rebuilt, you have active termites.

  • Termites leave marks on old fence boards, garage siding, and patios. If you're finding chewed patches, get a professional to check it out immediately. Professionals can eradicate current termite infestations safely and permanently, without further damage to your home. They can also set up monitoring devices, to safeguard your home from future infestation.

Even if you don't see signs of an infestation, it is still a good idea to have a professional check your home and monitor for termite activity. Usually by the time homeowners even realize they have a subterranean termite infestation, damage is already done. Your house is typically your biggest investment. Don't let termites eat your equity, when it is so easy to keep your home safe from these damaging insects. Contact Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions today to schedule a free, no obligation termite inspection!

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