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How Do Bed Bugs Travel Home With You?


With home bed bug infestations an ongoing pest problem in St. Louis and throughout Mid-Missouri, we thought it was a good idea to share all the ways in which bed bugs can travel home with you. No longer are bed bugs just a concern for hotels and other businesses in the travel industry. Now homeowners (even those not traveling) could easily encounter bed bugs in their everyday life.

5 ways bed bugs could travel home with you:

  1. On your suitcase. This goes back to the well-known way in which bed bugs can return to our homes. If you have been traveling, it is possible to carry back bed bugs and their eggs right on or in your suitcase.
  2. On your clothing. Bed bugs are also great at latching onto clothing and they could do this anywhere from a hotel, a bus, a taxi cab, or even the local movie theater. You may not be able to see the bed bug (which resembles an apple seed as an adult) but don’t underestimate their ability to travel right into the home via the clothes on your back. 
  3. On a backpack. Schools, universities and dorm rooms are all common places to come into contact with bed bugs. So when you or your kids come home from school, make sure to inspect the bags for any signs of bed bugs. 
  4. Second hand furniture. If you are purchasing furniture from a thrift store or even from a family member or friend, make sure to watch out for bed bugs. If another home has had a bed bug infestation, you could be bringing it into your home from second hand furniture. Remember, bed bugs can stay alive for a long period of time without eating!
  5. Library books. Ok, this one may seem strange but in recent news, bed bugs are now making their way into homes via library books. These pests are proving to be sneakier than we ever knew by crawling into books and then hitching a ride to your local library.

For more information on how bed bugs can get into your home as well as solutions to get rid of bed bugs if they have infested your home, then contact Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions. We offer St. Louis bed bug control as well as bed bug treatments in Columbia and throughout the Mid-Missouri region. They may be sneaky at getting inside, but bed bugs are no match for Rottler’s team of pest control experts!

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