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How Did Roaches Get Inside My St. Louis Home?

Ok, so you’ve spotted them; nasty cockroaches scurrying across your kitchen counters and the floor. You know that it is time to call the St. Louis pest control pros to get rid of the roaches attempting to take over your kitchen. But how did they get inside? Even homeowners who keep a tidy home may find that cockroaches are still a problem because they have found a way to sneak in.

Common roach entry points:

  • In bags or boxes that you carry inside

  • Through torn or broken window screens

  • Cracks or holes along the foundation of the home

  • Gaps or cracks in the windows or doors

  • Where pipes lead to utilities

With all of these potential avenues, it’s no wonder that homeowners in our region are finding cockroaches inside and all over - under the fridge, in the cupboards, under the sink, in the dishwasher, and in the bathtub. Notice that all of these places provide either food and/or water which are what cockroaches are ultimately after.

The problem with a cockroach infestation is that they are a dangerous pest to have in the home (not to mention the gross factor). Roaches can contaminate food and surface, spread harmful bacteria and pathogens and even cause allergies and asthma in young children.

To prevent the threat of cockroaches, homeowners in St. Louis can help by sealing and closing off points of entry that roaches may use. You want to inspect the inside and outside of your home to find any cracks, holes, openings or other gaps that could be a perfect door for roaches. Seal off these openings with caulking or protective screens. Also, apply weather stripping to the door to ensure a nice tight seal.

If you would like more information on cockroach control in St. Louis as well as our other pest control services in St. Louis, including our year round Protection plan, please contact us today!

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