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pest control insulation for st louis residents

You wouldn't expect to go to a pest control company for insulation, but more and more homeowners are learning how they can get deep discounts on their heating bill, and keep pests like ants, spiders, silverfish, and rodents, out of their attic. InCide® Attic Insulation is made from 100% recycled paper products, contains no volatile organic compounds, and is free of glass fibers, asbestos, ammonia, and formaldehyde.

Lower heating costs

Wouldn't it be nice to slice a chunk off your heat bill? It's possible, with InCide® Attic Insulation. Even if you already have insulation, InCide® can still save you money. Insulation has a tendency to settle and lose its effectiveness, and many homes have thin areas where heat is still being lost. Since InCide® is a spray insulation, you'll get that added protection on top of your current insulation, and fill in any gaps where heat is still escaping. The pneumatic application also creates a blanket of interlocking fibers, which decreases air movement, and produces a buffer that resists heat transfer. That mean your home will be warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer.

Mold resistant

InCide® Attic Insulation is also an EPA registered fungicide. According to Dr. Jose Herrera of Truman State University, whose results have been published in The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene and The Journal of Applied Mycology, this insulation is proven to be highly effective in preventing mold and mildew germination. You'll get added mold protection for your home, as you save on your heating bill.

Flame Retardant

Add fire protection for the life of your home. InCide® Attic Insulation slows, and even stops, the spread of fire through attic space and wall voids, without releasing dangerous gases.

Bug resistant

Protect your home, and your family, from ants, termites, silverfish, mice, and other pests that can ruin your home, and cause unexplained health problems for your family. The borates in InCide® Attic Insulation kill some pests on contact, and others through ingestion. Though deadly to pests, InCide® is not abrasive to humans, and has no odor.

Whether you're building a new home, or safekeeping the one you have, InCide® Attic Insulation just makes sense. If you would like to join the many happy St. Louis residents, who are saving money on their heating, while others are watching their bills skyrocket, call us today, and get protected.

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