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holiday lights on a st louis home

Is October too early to start decorating for Christmas? Psssshhh. Let the neigh sayers scoff. They're probably the same people who wait till Christmas Eve to get their gift shopping done. But not you! You're not fighting those lines. And, you're not spending hours on a ladder, risking life and limb, to make the most spectacular light display you've ever had. Not because you're lazy, but because you're smart! You know that an insured decorating professional, like Rottler, will make sure your home or business is safe from the many hazards that come with Christmas displays and lighting. You know Rottler will use only the finest materials available, like non-invasive fasteners, weather-resistant lighting, electronic digital timers with battery back-up, garland, bows, and tip-lit wreaths. You know that if Rottler does it, it will be done right.

Smart decorators get their displays set early, and leave the lights off until the season begins, because when the holiday lights start to shine, it gets harder to book a decorating professional. If you wait too long, you might end up doing it yourself--or worse, settling for a company that does not have Rottler's reputation for quality and service.

You can call today, and get a free, no-obligation lighting and decoration plan tailored to fit your budget and your needs. You can set up as much or as little as you want. Get a beautiful lit wreath for your door. Add ground lighting, to make your walkway look warm and inviting. Have your trees speckled with twinkling lights. Get your windows, and even your roofline lit, so that your whole house glows with holiday cheer. You decide. You can do it simple, or be the envy of everyone in your neighborhood.

When Christmas is done, and family has gone home, Rottler will come back, and pack and store all your decorations for next year's display. How cool is that? It's like hiring little Christmas elves! Call and find out how you can get a startling light display for your St. Louis home or business, and keep yourself safe from holiday disasters, like falling from a ladder, slipping off the roof, or an unexpected fire or power outages. It just isn't Christmas without beautiful light displays. Get yours today.

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