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You've probably heard of bed bugs by now. There is hardly a news outlet across the country that hasn't done a feature on them. Since the turn of the century, these blood-eating insects have made a startling resurgence in the United States. Now there are few people who don't know someone who's dealt with a bed bug infestation.
What can you do to protect yourself from bed bugs during the holidays? Learn how bed bugs get inside your home. Bed bugs are a unique pest problem. They don't live in your yard and squeeze into your home through tiny cracks the way other insect pests do. They live almost exclusively inside man-made structures and spread passively from one location of infestation to another. This passive transmission occurs when bed bugs seek harborage in portable items such as luggage, pocketbooks, duffle bags, sleeping bags, etc. or when bed bugs lay their eggs in these and other items. Bed bug eggs don't need the mother in order to hatch. So a batch of eggs can be the beginning of an infestation.
How do you stop bed bugs from hitching a ride home with you? Learn all of the common places to find bed bugs in your home. These locations will be similar in many places you stay the night during your holiday travels. When you detect bed bugs while you're on vacation, you can prevent an infestation from taking root in your home.
When you get home from holiday traveling, be sure to do a post-holiday bed bug check. Search your carriables for the presence of white bed bug eggs or tiny pale to tan insects crawling in your stuff. It is also a good idea to wash all of your clothing on the hottest temperature. That hot water will kill bed bugs in all stages of development.
Are post-holiday bed bug checks enough? Not always. Bed bugs can hide in some pretty strange places like electronic devices that have voids inside. The best way to make sure your belongings, and your home, are bed bug free is to invest in a quick K9 bed bug inspection. Dogs can detect bed bugs with over 90% accuracy. If those bugs are trying to establish themselves in your home, the powerful nose of a trained K9 inspector is your best bet for uncovering it.
If you need assistance with bed bug inspections or the elimination of bed bugs in Fenton and the greater Saint Louis area, the team at Rottler is standing ready to help. We employ the cutest and smartest bed bug dogs in the state. Meet Hazel and Clue on our K9 bed bug inspections page.

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